Capabilities Overview

At Holmbridge, we pride ourselves on the quality of our craftmanship and knowledge we have accumulated over the years. Our expertise lie in the machining of specialised components from a diverse range of materials for a variety of industrial sectors by using a combination of both old and new technology on the shop floor.

We believe it’s important to have machine tool diversity on the shop floor which allows us to be more flexible when it comes to manufacturing a diverse range of components, this allows us to provide a range of services in house from our highly skilled team. We possess the capabilities to provide our customers with large batch and single batch component work with an array of varying features. We understand the need of our customers and provide competitive quotations based on the best routing of a component to provide the most efficient costings.

  • Cutting Edge Technology & Equipment

    As a company, we understand the importance of technology and the benefits it has on a business, hence our aim, short term, is to purchase a new tool vend system, we aim to streamline our programming capabilities and head in the direction of purchasing our first 5 axis machine which will allow us to compete in the market at a whole new level.