Our Company


Holmbridge Engineering aerial view

Established in 1971, Holmbridge Engineering opened its doors to the engineering world. Since then, we have been providing a range of products and services to our customers, to meet the needs of an ever-growing manufacturing world.

The company was started by Roy Smith, Len Morris and Nick Couch back with a series of conventional machine tools, both lathes and millers. Work mainly was comprised of machine tool spares and valves. Over the years Holmbridge gained the trust and respect of numerous customers, working closely alongside them to provide intelligent solutions for a multitude of manufacturing requirements. Many of our customers who we have gained their trust and respect are still in partnership with us to this day.



John Smith started his apprenticeship at Holmbridge back in 1978 and started to work alongside his brother Roy, over the years John would make his way into management and would later be person who spear headed the company into purchasing their first CNC machine.

The Introduction of CNC

Fast-forward to the early 90’s and the purchase of the first CNC lathe was made by Holmbridge, as expected this would revolutionize the business and led onto the purchase of several other CNC machines.

By early 2000’s Holmbridge had 6 bar lathes and 3 machining centres and business mainly comprised of machine tool spares, oil, gas and medical. The purchase of the first CMM was made alongside the integration of CAD/CAM which revolutionised how the VMC’s we’re worked.

Fast-forward to 2020 and Jill Wood (daughter to Roy), Chris Smith and Scott Smith (sons to John) are all working at Holmbridge. The next 12 months are looking to be busy with some major changes to be implemented on the shop floor. Holmbridge are looking to purchase both a tool vend system and their first 5-axis machine to help push the company forward by investing in state of the art machinery.