Capacity List

We have an extensive range of machines and are equipped to manufacture products with a full range of thread gauges, plug gauges and measuring equipment, including CMM Reports. We can provide full traceability and part marking of components both in process and externally away from the machine.

Capabilities & Specifications

CMM & Inspection

    Manufacturer Model
    Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M443
    Tessa Micro-Hite 350
    We also carry a vast array of thread gauges, plug gauges and manual inspection equipment.


    CNC Milling
    Manufacturer Model Control Machine Type Capacity (X,Y,Z,A,C)) 4th Axis 5-Axis
    Hermle C20U Siemens 840D 5 Axis CNC 600, 450, 530, +/-110, ∞ Yes Yes
    Ajax AJV 760 Heidenhain 620 CNC VMC 760, 450, 450 (mm) Yes No
    Bridgeport VMC 800 Heidenhain 420 CNC VMC 800, 600, 500 (mm) Yes No
    Microcut Challenger 241 Fanuc 0i CNC VMC 640, 400, 500 (mm) Yes No
    Conventional Milling
    Manufacturer Model Machine Type Capacity (X,Y,Z)
    Ajax Cleveland Universal Milling 1560, 470, 460 (mm)
    Ajax Universal Milling 4' x 1' Table


    CNC Turning
    Manufacturer Model Control Chuck Collet Bar Feed Tailstock Live Tooling Sub-Spindle
    Mazak SQT 15M T32-3 Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
    Hitachi Seiki Quick Turn Yes Yes Yes No No No
    Super Kia Turn 15LM Fanuc 0i Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Nakamura TMC 30 OTC Fanuc Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
    Ajax Evolution Fanuc 0iTD Yes No No Yes No No
    Ajax AJSB 210-400 Fanuc Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
    Takisawa Fanuc 0T Yes No No Yes No No
    Conventional Turning
    Manufacturer Model Capacity Chuck Collet Tailstock
    BSA Centre Lathe C11MST280 5' Centres 12" Swing YES NO YES
    Ward 3DS NO YES NO
    Ward Herbert 2D NO YES NO

Gear Cutting & Thread Milling

    Manufacturer Description
    Jowett Thread Miller / Hobbing Machine
    Jowett Thread Milling / Hobbing Machine (MAX . Thread 2.5" DIA x 10')
    Maxicut Gear Cutter (MAX. 18" DIA x 5" Face Width)


    Manufacturer Description
    Jones & Shipman 1'6" x 3' Surface Grinder